Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Kava products safe to use regularly?

Kava Day and Kava Night are safe to use on an ongoing basis, provided there is no liver dysfunction. Anyone suffering liver problems should consult their medical practitioner before taking them.

Is Kava safe to use while pregnant?

Kava is not to be used during pregnancy or nursing.

Can I consume alcohol or medication if I’ve used a Kava product?

Kava is not to be used in combination with alcohol.

Please consult a medical practitioner before taking kava with any medication.

Are all of the products vegan?

All Viktual+ products are vegan suitable.

Are all of your ingredients sourced from New Zealand?

New Zealand is our Raw Material Country of Origin for Horopito Powder, Mānuka Leaf Powder, Kānuka Leaf Powder, Barley Grass Powder, Wheat Grass Powder and Kelp Powder. Our Raw Material Country of Origin for our Kava is Vanuatu.

Where are your products manufactured?

All Viktual+ products are manufactured in a New Zealand factory certified for pharmaceutical Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This process requires full validation of quality and label claims and is conducted using local test data and international published scientific data.

What does Kākāriki mean?

The native vibrant green parakeets were named "kākāriki" by Māori. The etymology is; kākā = parrot and riki = small. In turn, kākāriki is also the Māori word for the colour green.

What is the difference between traditional kava and the kava in Viktual+ products?

Unlike the traditional use of kava (grind into a powder and mixed with water), Viktual+ use a standardised kava extract. Viktual+ kava products are dietary supplements and regulated under the Dietary Supplements Regulations 1985. Traditional kava is regulated as a food and also via a Kava Codex which applies for use as a beverage when mixed with water.

How do kava cultivars differ?

Kava root grows throughout the Pacific and there are many different varieties. Each has its own distinct colour, aroma and taste. Viktual+ have sourced the raw material kava from the species piper methysticum grown in Vanuatu. It is then extracted with the only solvents used, being ethanol (an organic chemical compound) and water, and standardised to give a consistent level of the active kava lactones.

Kava Night includes both kava and valerian. How do these herbs interact together?

Kava and valerian should be additive in their effect. As these are in Kava Night (to support sleep) – the mild side effect of drowsiness would be considered beneficial. We have chosen low doses of kava and valerian so there should be a minimum risk of side effects.

*We are not medical professionals. Kava is not to be used in combination with alcohol OR during pregnancy or nursing. Please consult a medical practitioner before using this product. The product is for consumers 18+ years and older

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