Podcast #6 - Stacey Fluhler

Podcast #6 - Stacey Fluhler
I had the chance to chat with Stacey before she flew out with the Black Ferns on their end of year tour.  She shared the thrill of winning an Olympic Gold medal and Rugby World Cups with both 7's and 15's and also shared what she went through to get where she is today with the aroha and support from her whānau.
Stacey shared some insights into the successful culture of the Black Ferns 7's team, how instrumental departing coach Alan Bunting has been and what it will take for his replacement to transition into this new role.
I learn how she keeps on top of all her activities and how she puts her Bachelor of Health, Sport & Human Performance, Double Majoring in Sport and Management Communications and a Postgraduate Diploma in Business to good use.  
She also shares how and why she developed her own website and started up SFS, her hair accessories business.
Listen in to hear her inspiring story.

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