Podcast #10 - Jonny Wilkinson

Podcast #10 - Jonny Wilkinson
I catch up with Jonny after he's just landed on holiday outside of England, just got into his holiday home and he's made time to chat to me after 10 years.  I feel very honored!  (and also why our audio is not the best, sorry!)

Jonny lets us in on his thoughts on a lot of topics and what comes through is his passion and convictions for what he believes, which have come from his own experiences on his journey from an 18-year-old kid who started at the Newcastle Falcons and loved throwing the ball around and running around with his mates and loving the game to making his debut for England months later and becoming the deadly accurate kicker that manipulated teams with his pinpoint accuracy and that dropped goals for 3 points with ease like Stephen Curry shoots 3-pointers for the Golden State Warriors.  Yet he lost that love for the game and talks of how he suffered through 6 days of training just to get to game day at the height of his rugby career.

We get to talk about our time together at Toulon and how after 3 years of being injured, he again found his love for the game and how he also dealt with those feelings of anxiety and being all-consumed with his perfectionist tendencies that harmed earlier in his career.  he shares how he was able to overcome these and how he now incorporates these learnings into his coaching of the next wave of English talented 10'.

He's also taken his experiences and passion in the business he founded, No.1 Living.  Listen to how he has changed his perspective on how he views food and his diet.  How he has used all those experiences to create very successful health and well-being products and business

I took some very deep and powerful learnings from our chat and hope you do too.

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